Architecture: Content

Posted by jaffar on July 24, 2013 at 2:40 AM

Architecture: Content

Content is the essence of your website, the reason it exists. Determining the structure of content is the first

step in creating website architecture.

Best Practice

Plan your content structures, including fields and content types. Clear content architecture helps ensure

good performance, a better user experience, and easier maintenance.

(You may find overlap here with Display Architecture, because Views often depend on certain content


Mistake: Too many content types.

Result: This will confuse content creators.

Example: Content types “news” and “article,” which are almost identical.

Solution: Reuse and standardize content types.

Mistake: New fields created for every content type.

Result: This is a waste of resources and drain on performance.

Example: Two different fields for school city and teacher city.

Solution: Reuse and standardize fields. Check your field report at example.com/admin/reports/fields.

Mistake: Content types with no nodes.

Result: An unneeded content type adds unnecessary complexity.

Solution: Reassess your needs as you build the site. Filter your content list to identify unused content

types. Move content and delete unneeded content types.

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